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The decoration is in an beautiful old fashion way which makes you feel like in a "knight & princess" era, very interesting experiences. К услугам гостей удостоенный звезды Мишлен превосходный ресторан, где подают фирменные блюда местной кухни.

Jag börjar berätta en historia nästa ska fortsätta på den det var en gång en pungkula med acne som ville bli skådespelare i hollywod pungkulan hade inte råd med en flygbiljet så den bestämde sig för att råna en bank...

Having travelled from Australia, this was so welcoming. Room of hotel is soooo romantic, strongly recommend it especially for honeymoon or young couple trip.

The food is exquisite and of the highest local quality, each item served with reverence. Reception gal is very friendly, with a warm welcome and introduce sight point of Heidelberg, she also help me send my postcard on the last day because we din't find postbox.

Hotel location is good, one of reason we chose it is free parking, though it is not at the center of city but still within walking distance to philosopher way, old bridge, old town and tram station of castle. Beautiful decor, furnishings, food, flowers, comfort - everything. Manager, who took GREAT care of us when we arrived late - helping us with directions, parking, luggage and with so much enthusiasm and appreciation for our visit and for Hirschgasse.

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