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The various colors had different consistencies and therefore remained separate for the most part, instead of blending together.

Few Christensen Agate marbles will manifest the blending of colors so often seen on later marbles, such as Akro Agates.

However, the two individuals who made the company's marbles as distinctive as they are were the aforementioned glass chemist Arnold Fiedler, who later became the head of the company, and Howard M.

In their swirls, multiple color marbles were created not by variegated-stream machinery but by mixing the different colors of glass together.

The Christensen Agate Company was founded in 1925 but was out of business only eight years later. When Christensen Agate closed its doors in 1933, two years after the actual cessation of marble manufacture, Fiedler had already shifted his employment to Akro Agate, which explains why early Akro marbles possess many of the same colors seen in Christensen's marbles. One reason is because the company was in operation for a very short time, perhaps in peak activity only four years at the Cambridge location.

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