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The cast got together for the special NBC show hosted by Andy Cohen who teased then with a series of probing questions - one of which was about whether or not they had signed contracts promising not to sleep with one another.During her chat with Kelly Aniston - who is married to Justin Theroux - also addressed a recent essay she penned about being seen as a "sad, childless human".

Philipp Stein has been working in restaurants his entire life.

He was first introduced to food and cooking at his parents’ restaurant in Mainz, Germany, and then he worked in their kitchen and also apprenticed at the family’s Hotel Atrium.

She said: “We're seeing women through that very narrow lens if they don't have a baby, or a white picket fence, then they're not living up to their purpose.

“The names on these articles or whatever, these horrible stories, are usually women.

In 2013, Stein began working with Müller at Favorite Restaurant in the Favorite Parkhotel in Mainz.

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