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"I just see clothing as cloth, and I see it as art, and I see it as a way to express yourself artistically in this world," she says.

She originally wanted to work at the UN, but a lost bet over a football game changed everything.

Because she lost, she had to show up to a Calvin Klein casting call, where, to her surprise, the director told her to come back the next day.

The next day, though, she found out she had been cast for a But even though she's seen some success, Dove has faced a lot of rejection in the modeling world because of her androgynous looks.

"I'm constantly told in the industry that I don't look like a woman, so therefore I can't be put in editorials and campaigns because people wouldn't get it," she tells " She decided to start the project to show that yes, she looks like a woman, because most women don't look like Victoria's Secret models.

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