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Thanks to Roth, Woody Allen, Seinfeld and Larry David, among others, a lot of this is water under the bridge.As for "Israel-hating", it's a totally separate question from that of the portrayal of the Diaspora Jew.I first heard Steven Sampson speak at a seminar on the America of Philip Roth, organized by La Règle du Jeu in Paris.

Roth himself has a fairly ambivalent attitude regarding The Holy Land.

Roth writes about a sense of emptiness, to which I can relate.

Roth frequently addresses the problem of writing satire and humor about Jews in a world still filled with anti-semitism. Can a writer today - even one of Roth's stature - change anything in the public debate?

Is he right to worry that self-deprecating jokes and memorably vivid Jewish characters may used as a weapon by anti-semites and Israel-haters?

Who was this Philip Roth scholar who navigated the deep waters of literary Paris with such ease?

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