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The state of preservation of the skeletons is fair to good making a suite of analyses worthwhile.

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The cloister walk was the only compartment that was left on its original footprint from the old complex.

One individual stands out from the rest, because he was born and raised at some third geographical location distinct from Montella and because he sports the second oldest radiocarbon date of AD 1050–1249 (two sigma calibrated range). After walking a short distance, about a kilometre, to the Folloni forest they settled for the night under a tree where they were shielded from the snow by godly intervention. Francis and his fellow traveller slept, the friary was subsequently founded [The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between the friary and the surrounding society and in this way gain knowledge about the growth of a monastic settlement over 300 years.

This date is consistent with the first generation of the founders of the friary—perhaps one of St. The monastic institutions formed the background for the social and political order in Europe throughout the medieval period.

In order to fulfil this purpose, three different types of analyses have been carried out: an archaeological analysis of the building and burial history of the site based on observations from two excavations; an osteological analysis of the skeletons interred in the friary; and chemical analyses including After the founding of the friary in the third decade of the 13th Century, a church and an extensive building complex were erected.

Five hundred years later, in 1732, the friary was demolished by an earthquake, and today virtually nothing is left above-ground of the first building complex.

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